Information Management Strategy

A sustainable information management strategy is the keystone of any successful modern business. Our seasoned EIM consultants will help you design a strategic vision for your organization that ensures readiness, defines capabilities, and provides confidence.

According to OpenText, “We live in a time of an unprecedented technologic disruption,” and in order to remain competitive organizations need to adapt and embrace a digital-first workplace. With information at the heart of this transformation the need for robust Enterprise Information Management (EIM) strategies has never been stronger.

Through our strategic partnerships with OpenText and Microsoft, we at Fastman are able to support you throughout your entire information management journey, from helping you to understand how to solve the problems that you have, through creation of a strategic vision, and on to implementation.

Good information strategy is good business strategy

At Fastman we strongly believe that good information strategy is good business strategy. Our EIM journey takes organizations through a series of key stages:

  • our Readiness review is designed to understand more about a your business environment, its organizational processes, and the people involved in them. We help develop your EIM vision and the steps required to achieve it.
  • our Capability assessment looks at the infrastructure and technology in place within your organization. Our consultants will guide you through the EIM vendor landscape and provide you with architecture and technology advice.
  • our Confidence consultations delve into the depths of your information management processes and provide recommendations and guidance on best practices and approaches for governing and securing your documents and data. We assess the risks associated with your current practices, provide guidance on compliance issues, and help you develop an information management plan designed to ensure you achieve your desired outcomes.

What is Enterprise Information Management (EIM)?

Gartner defines Enterprise Information Management as – “an integrative discipline for structuring, describing and governing information assets across organizational and technological boundaries to improve efficiency, promote transparency and enable business insight.”

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