Fastman ensures the security and integrity of your enterprise information

With the increase of critical content, managing the risk of sensitive information leaking, or being inadvertently or maliciously changed, is critical.

Trust Your Data

Authenticate and Validate Documents

Simplify Migration

Assure License Compliance

Manage Access

Fastman increases the trust your business has in the information and processes it manages.

We ensure that your underlying processes are optimized, your platform is regularly maintained and that it is operated in a secure and trusted manner.

Drive Your Data

Advanced Business Apps

Business Process Optimizations

Governance Practices

Future Proof Customizations

Platform Optimization

Our information management consultants drive higher value from the Content Suite and Extended ECM platforms.

We help organizations to understand and achieve the extensive benefits that can be obtained by fully utilizing the capabilities of their OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM platforms.

Cloud Scalability & Access

DocuSign Agreement Cloud

Certified OpenText Cloud

Cloud Data Migration

Cloud Content Permissions

Our team of experts has significant experience in the cloud.

We provide detailed advice and practical support on migrating to, and working with, your critical business information in the cloud.

We ensure the security and integrity of enterprise information by increasing trust, reducing the risk, and clearing the path to enhanced business processes.

Fastman Management Suite allows businesses to realize the value of their investment in Content Suite and Extended ECM platforms by delivering more complete and robust solutions in a faster timescale.