The SolEx Expo was the first-ever independent virtual conference for OpenText users worldwide organised by members of the OpenText Solution Extension (SolEx) program.
Alister Grigg, the Managing Director at Fastman says: “It has been an inspiring conference for the team of consultants and developers here at Fastman…”

Fastman is proud to sponsor and present at this SolEx Expo – Showcasing OpenText Solution Extensions

During this webinar we will take a look at some of the latest releases from Fastman including updates to Fastman Permissions Manager and our new Fastman Bridge Connector.

Have you heard about Extended ECM, but the marketing-speak overcomplicates it?
Are documents locked inside an individual business?
Is content segregated by function and difficult to share?

Learn how digital signature automation is being used within the Government of Canada departments.

New Fastman Product Preview – Managed Move & Update using the Fastman Bridge Connector for OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM.

Fastman, a leading provider of information security and management services and solutions for OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM, today announced a new subscription-based licencing model for their suite of solutions.

Fastman sees the exceptional effort that organisations are making to allow employees to collaborate and access their information resources, wherever they are located and through whatever internet connections they have available.

Information is precious to any organisation today. From documents and records for regulatory requirements to highly sensitive contact information used for marketing and messaging, data is the new currency.

Learn how Fastman’s Digital Signature Automation allows you to DocuSign content in the cloud or on-premise directly from OpenText’s Content Suite and Extended ECM platforms.